Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pokémon GO MOD APK 0.35.0 Download for Android 4.0+ [All Regions]

Play the newest Pokemon adventure and bag you some Pikachus in Pokémon GO (hack soon!!), a game with unique mechanics that lets you capture those cute creatures in the real world using your android phone or tablet.

It goes like this; You start off by visiting PokéStops (real-life locations where Pokemons has been spotted), then your phone will vibrate when one is nearby. After you've seen the creature, you use your Poké Balls to catch it and add it to their Pokédex. Hopefully, a mod with unlimited Pokémon may be available soon!!

As you play and level up, you’ll be able to catch more-powerful Pokémon to complete your Pokédex. You can add to your collection by hatching Pokémon Eggs based on the distances you walk. Help your Pokémon evolve by catching many of the same kind. - Google Play

Pokémon GO (download apk below) has definitely started a new revolution in how to design and play games. Exploring real-world places to earn items in a virtual one is a big step forward in the main Pokémon series.

As well as Pokémon, you collect items at PokéStops - which are often pubs, churches, and other local landmarks - and fight for control of local Gyms. Here, you can deposit a Pokémon to hold and defend the region, or fight another player's Pokémon if they've already claimed the Gym as their own. - Pocketgamer

Note: the official game is not available in all countries, that's why we made this modified apk file installable wherever you are, no matter your region. If you still get "this app is not available for your country" error message, please comment!
Note: The fake GPS cheats found online (on youtube) that promise you get pokemon without walking or going outside do not work, i've added the latest one below so you can try it for yourself - no root!

Now for some Pokémon GO hacks (Android and IOS), more videos coming soon (MAY NOT WORK ANYMORE):

Pokémon GO MOD APK 0.33.0 (Android 4.0+) OR Original APK v0.35.0 (Android 4.4+)

Install the game and play online.

Pokemon Go Bot 1:  (on android)
Do not jump from one location to another. keep it simple!!
Niantic is banning all players permanently but I am still using bots since 2 days and no probelm so far. you should try it but use new account instead, so if you get something bad you can revert it easily with a new account. my new account is now on level 30 and still bot is doing its work on my Android device. this bot is same as pc version bot!

An Android Device Running Android 4.0 or Up
Pokemon Go Bot for Android

2) Install the .APK file using file manager of your choice
3) Open the bot and go to login settings. Write down your PTC/GOOGLE login ID and PASSWORD that’s it
4) now TAP ON START BUTTON and you are ready to go. bot will run and you could see that bot is farming for you.

P.S: If you get login errors then uninstall the BOT and install again and use PTC LOGIN DETAILS to login. it would work fine. if login error happens again repeat uninstall process again.
BOTS don't last long before getting blocked by Niantic so enjoy while you still can!

Pokemon Go Bot 2: (on pc)
[Auto Play Game Capture/Evolve/Transfer/Use Eggs/Incense]

Google or PTC (Pokemon Trainer Club) Account
A PC Running on Windows
And Pokemon Go Bot Which you can download from below

1) First of all download: POKEMON GO BOT - FIXv2 ANTI-BAN BAN-REMOVAL
2) Once download is finished open it using winrar or winzip
3) Go to unzipeed folder and start the application using PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe file
4) Now you will GUI TAB and the CMD TAB, In GUI TAB select Google/PTC and write down your ID and Password
5) That’s It its done. Now your Profile will be logged in there and your pokemons will appear in GUI TAB and in CMD TAB you will see what’s happening in there.

There are some various options like Lower CP TO Transfer/Evolve particular pokemons/Skips capturing some pokemons etc etc. You can put Eggs in the incubators as well and those EGGS will be hatched automatically. The problem is you have to manually place eggs in incubators. One more problem i have found is that some pokemons are not transferring automatically so you can easily transfer them using GUI TAB. its easy and requires no hard work. It's easy and Ban-free. Try it.
Enjoy the Bot until it lasts. this is the v2 BOT, v1 were blocked by the NIANTIC before.
Instructions video will be added asap (Thanks to RG)

FakeGPS cheat: OLD
Pokémon GO v0.31.0 ModGPS - No Root

NOTE: probably will not work but i posted it anyway so you may try it
I will not be held responsible for any bans or problems if you use this method!

1) Install fakegps application
2) Now enable your phones DEVELOPER OPTIONS by going in settings>about phone and tap on BUILD NUMBER repeatedly until your see developer option is now enabled
3) Once developer option is enabled go in there and select MOCK LOCATIONS and select FAKEGPS in mock locations
4) Now open fakeGps application and search your location where you want to search for the pokemons. after that tap on the red location mark and select start GPS SERVICES and then select third option pokemon go.
5) Now fakegps will be minimized and a joystick button will appear. its done now open pokemon go and enjoy it right from your home.

Q. I can not collect pokestop rewards and can not capture pokemon?
A. Wait for 1 or 2 hours then try or change your ID with new one then switch back to your original one, your problem will be fixed.

Q. I can not find the developer option?
A. Search it on Google with your phone model about how to enable developer option.

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