Friday, July 15, 2016

PixelPhone Pro APK (Build 4000)

Change the way your android phone looks and feels with PixelPhone Pro. The app focuses both on productive functionality and beauty of design, thus delivering to users an unbeatable phonecalling experience.

Here are some of PixelPhone Pro features:
- fully customizable interface
- group actions with contacts (send message; modify photo, ringtone, organization, …)
- fast and smart search by all contacts fields (QWERTY and T9)
- dual SIM device support
- customizable gestures
- speed dial 1-999
- customizable favorite action for contact (call, message, e-mail, locate, …)
- support additional themes and plugins
CAUTION: For emergency calls (911, 112, …) PixelPhone uses the stock Contacts app, so uninstall/disable it is not recommended! Test calling emergency services firstly, before you start using PixelPhone! Fore more information visit net.pixelrush

What's New in version Build 4000
1. New feature: Call recording (Pro Version Only) ; Caller ID available; Missed call badge; Block and report spam calls; Diacritics-insensitive search.
2. Dial pad audio feedback set to be normal volume, you can change it in Phone Preferences.
3. Default theme scheme with black and other colors; Enlarged Font size.
4. Fix the "Call logs missing" bug of some Samsung smartphones and Dual-SIM "SIM card selection loop" problem.
5. Better performance of contact lists and sorting.

PixelPhone Pro (b4000)

Install APK and use the full version app for free.

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