Thursday, December 8, 2016

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK (MOD Android 2.3, Unlocked Skins, Textures, X86)

Join your friends in REALMS, the newest addition in the latest Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.0 (free download on APKTRON). Many changes and additions in this latest update including pistons, jungle temples, unlimited texture packs, Xbox Live support,and more!

What's New: (updated December, 2016)
Minecraft PE 1.0 build 3 additions
- Mobs: Ender dragon, Shulker, Polar bear, Endermite
- Generated structures; The End, End city, Chorus plant, Igloo, End gateway portal, End portal frame, Exit portal
- Items: Dragon's breath, Elytra, Broken Elytra, Ender crystal, Chorus fruit, Eye of ender, Lingering potions, Fully implemented ender pearls, Popped chorus fruit
- Spawn eggs: Endermite, Polar bear, Shulker
- Blocks: Structure block, Structure void, Dragon head, Ender chest, End rod, Dragon egg, Purpur block, pillar, slab and stairs, End stone brick, Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes

Changes in v1.0.0.1:
Hundreds of changes and bug fixes.

- Furnaces and enchanting tables no longer melt igloos.
- You can ride on tamed horses that are on leads.
- Fixed a bug where the top part of a chorus plant would appear as if it was there after the chorus plant was broken (even though that part wasn't actually there anymore).
- Fixed a crash that occurred after selecting the Seed Picker.
- Fixed an issue where you got an "unable to connect to the store" message instead of being able to get skin packs and texture packs (Rift & Gear VR only).
- Using LB/RB on a controller to select tabs in options now correctly highlights any tab that has behavior or resource packs.
- Fixed a crash that could happen if you logged out while in the End Poem, logged back into the End Poem, and had global entities in the world.
- Fence gates, daylight sensors, and observers no longer stop redstone wire from transferring the signal any further.
- End rods can now be placed on the bottom of blocks even if there are blocks around them.
- Eyes of Ender are no longer duplicated when placed in an End Portal frame on an infinite world.
- Fixed a bug where mobs would take fall damage when teleported.
- Vertically placed end rods now break gravity-affected blocks that fall on them.
- Ender dragon audio is no longer present in the Overworld when a player is in The End.
- Gliding on elytra can now be cancelled by jumping or by running into walls or ladders.
- When in third-person view, your character non longer looks like it's spinning around when you look up and down while gliding on elytra.
- Fixed some issues with Realms invites and toast notifications of invites.
More details on Gamepedia

Here is the new MCPE gameplay video:

Download: (Beta release)
Minecraft Pocket Edition APK (Android 2.3 and up, full paid version)
Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK (Unlock premium skins and textures, also for And 2.3+)
• Android x86 Version (Soon!!)

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