Sunday, July 24, 2016

klocki APK 1.06

Connect lines together in klocki by Maciej Targoni, a relaxing puzzler with great music and gorgeous minimalistic graphics.

The game features gray blocks with scrambled up lines on them, and the blocks and lines light up once the solution is solved.. Once you solve a stage, you move forward to the next one.. 

You play klocki by connecting line segments found on blocks. You just tap on one square to select it, and then tap on another to swap, you then repeat until all the lines light up. The game starts out simple but gets a bit complicated as you progress:

You’ll encounter bends in the lines, more complex 3-D shapes, blocks you can’t move, and even different types of lines besides straight ones.   there is no time or move limit

Here is the first walkthrough (klocki gameplay video):

klocki 1.06 APK

To buy the original apk, visit Play id:com.klockigame.klocki

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