Monday, June 20, 2016

RPG Valkyria Soul APK 1.1.0g

Fight the dark foces of evil as the great Valkyrie Reginleiv and bring order and peace to the kingdom of Asgard. RPG Valkyria Soul (full free download below) is a monster-collector strategy in which you collect, train, and transform an army of beasts to help you in combat.

The storyline centers around Huginn and a Valkyrie he freed called Reginleiv. They try, after the Ragnarok apocalypse hit, to battle the dark spirits ruling the lands and save the kingdom. Play to become the hero in Valkyria Soul and defeat evil!

Collect, Enhance, and Transform Fylgja:
A Valkyrie's strength comes from her power to manipulate the souls, or spirits, of others.
By taking a soul and binding it to a soulless physical vessel (or Fylgja), they can create loyal minions and command them against the forces of darkness...
RPG Valkyria Soulbinding:
Each Soul that you will find has its own unique personality, abilities, and skills.
Attaching it to a Fylgja will affect not just how that Fylgja behaves in combat, but its stats and abilities as well!
Each Soul can have a maximum of three active skills and three items equipped at any given time..
Find the best combinations of Soul and Fylgja to become the strongest Valkyrie of all.. More on Google Play

What's New in version 1.1.0g
English version released!
- Added English version.

RPG Valkyria Soul 1.1.0g APK (Full, English)

Install the apk, and play the game online for 1st run (download ~10MB via WIFI).

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