Thursday, June 16, 2016

Castles of Mad King Ludwig APK 1.0.2

Castles of Mad King Ludwig is an award-winning, tile-layer, castle-building, Board game strategy, where players are tasked with constructing castles for the King of Bavaria.

Each turn you take, you can either "buy and place a room from the rotating menu, a corridor or stairway, or skip and collect five coins". You also get abilities if you line up all of the rooms' doors with doors of other rooms--these do things like give you ten coins or a free turn". In Castles of Mad King Ludwig apk v1.0.2 you need to adopt different strategies and see how your actions affect subsequent elements like your money, castle size, etc.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig features:
• Two to Four Player Pass-and-Play/Computer Matches
• Campaign Mode with Levels based on Real Castle Sites
• Training Tower Levels teach Game Basics
• Help System with Illustrated Rules, Tips, and Tile Reference
• 75 Different Room Tiles
• Orchestral Soundtrack
• Share Your Castle on Twitter, Facebook, and more
• Google Play Games Achievements

Castles of Mad King Ludwig 1.0.2 APK

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