Thursday, June 30, 2016

You can finally download Pocket MapleStory English apk version 1.3.3 modded with God mode, Full map attack and item vac, Accuracy, Always critical, Mobs disarm, No HP or MP consumption, Skill exploit, Damage multiplier, Xigncode bypass, CRC bypass, and Cheat tools check bypass hacks!

The modding community just released a hack for Pocket MapleStorySEA, the latest installment in the Maple Story universe which just hit the Play Store. Engage in epic battles against the most powerful bosses and destroy all your enemies!

Hunt powerful witches that once captured your bother and remove old curses they cast. Bridge The Others Full version apk is a true hiodden-objects puzzle adventure featuring:

Time for some golfing gameplay with this newly released (remastered) SNK classic! NEO TURF MASTERS (free download on Apktron) has been brought to android by DotEmu and it seems to have captured the heart of the original!

Venture into Kiloo Games' latest demon-infested open world RPG. Dawnbringer hack v1.0.2 is an action packed demon slaying game, where players enter a ruined world, as fallen angels, killing every monster on their way, to save the world from destruction.

Kiloo's latest multiplayer action strategy is the perfect fit for MOBA fans this year. Spellbinders hack apk "combines elements from tower defense and multiplayer online battle arena games", delivering compact maps, multiple warring factions with unique abilities and indepth rosters.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Prepare your weapons and start annihalating the undead in the unlimited Zombie Evil 2 hack. The world had gone to ruins after the zombie infestation and it's up to you to clear it of all the living dead!

Take a step back and enjoy some good old platforming fun with Super Dragon Warrior hack (unlimited money) only on Apktron. Run, jump, and shoot your way through trap-filled levels and collect all Dragon Artifacts to save the world.

For the first time ever, the Resident Evil franchise finally made its way to the android platform and it looks epic. Although it's only made to work with NVIDIA SHIELD TV, we're hopefull that the devs will make another version for all other devices so that we can all enjoy this horror experience!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Face your fears and test the limits of your courage in Hills Legend by EGProject, a true horror story to play right on your android. Feel fear for the first time as you try to find your way through a haunted building to long lost treasures!


SQUARE ENIX just released FINAL FANTASY IX (aka FF9) onto the Play Store, one of their most anticipated games of this year. Before you download though, make sure you have at least 4GB of free storage on your Android 4.1+ phone or tablet's sd card.

Hardcore strategy fans, meet your new favorite game! Anomaly Warzone Earth takes the tower defense genre onto new heights. Wage war against the alien towers and destory every last one of them to save the planet!

Hunt a new species of mutated fish and become the best at what you do in the unlimited money hack for Mobfish Hunter by Appxplore.

Another top-down zombie survival game hits the Play Store and it looks gorgeous. World of Zombies hack has you control John, a survival of the zombie apocalypse, as he hunts for supplies and shoots every undead in his way to stay alive.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Help our hero find his favorite food, meat, after the world went to ruins. Control a creature called Zombilie and explore about 100 maze-based levels in three awesome environments. The game combines Pac-Man and Snake mechanics with some puzzles thrown in here and there!

The sequel to OrangePixel's epic rpg Heroes of Loot is here featuring more of everything. Heroes of Loot 2  (free on APKTRON) is all about the dungeons, and a bunch of heroes on dangerous missions to save the castle.. and the girl.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

BigFish Games is back yet again with another hidden objects puzzle adventure called Midnight Calling Anabel (Full version apk).

Defend and lead your country to a new world in Dictator 2 Evolution, sequel to one of the most critically-acclaimed strategy games of last year.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The zombies are back and it's time to clear the streets of all them living dead! Zombieville USA 2 (hack) is a side scrolling shooter where you must survive hordes of the undead using all kinds of awesome weapons.

Collect cute creatures and engage in pinbal-like monster slinging online battles with Monster Strike hack apk. The game was originally a Japanese release but has been fully translated into English. Enjoy countless hours of striking fun with friends and family.

Join a cute caterpillar named Bob on his journey to save the love of his life and defeat the evil insects in Caterzillar, a fun-looking gravity-defying action adventure featuring:

Collect heroes and form a team of the most powerful warriors in Taichi Panda Heroes hack apk, sequel to Snail Games original MMORPG called Taichi Panda. Explore a huge open world and lead your team into epic RPG battles.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Immerse yourself in an Alaskan tale as old as time itself and become the hero in your journey. Never Alone (android edition) is about Nuna and Fox, the two playable protagonists of this story, that are about to go on an epic and dangerous adventure to stop an eternal blizzard that is threatening their world.

If you're into puzzle games with unique storylines then grab Desire now and loose yourself in the life of its intricate protagonist.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Have you ever dreamt of owning your very own racehorses ranch?! well now you can in Pocket Stables (hack unlimited money), one of the most challenging simulations to come from Kairosoft.

Experience dungeon prison life in glorious virtual reality for the first time on android. Dungeon Escape VR is a dungeon explorer and stealth action game where you need to escape your jail cell. "Explore secret rooms, avoid the guards, and regain your freedom"! Of course Google Cardboard or any other VR headset is required to play, plus you need a pretty powerful device!

Gameloft develops some of the most amazing fighting games for mobile devices, and this time around they bring us another fine release called Gods of Rome (hack-ed apk). The game is inspired by Greek and Roman mythology where players get to take their favorite gods and mythical creatures into epic battle.

Discover the old wild west and play as the first american poineers in Pioneer Lands (full apk) by Nevosoft, a business simulation and strategy featuring:

Ellipsis is a minimalist action survival game with emphasis on exploration and puzzle gameplay. Ellipsis free apk takes players on a journey of discovery as they guide their ship through a dark mysterious world facing various obstacles along the way.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Help Alice defeat the Jabberwocky in Anuman's Alice - Behind the Mirror ♥, a brand new fantasy adventure featuring:

Load your weapons and prepare for the zombie apocalypse in Age of Zombies. The game is a full on undead shooting adventure where you get to travel through vtime, kill some zombies, then come back home tov have a god time!

Grab the updated original unlimited coins, money, unlocked hack for Angry Birds Epic RPG version 2.5.26 - Ancient Relict Update which was officially released on November 20th, 2017.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Own the streets and earn respect in the unlimited money hack for Chicago Crime Simulator 3D by VascoGames. Following in GTA footsteps, this third person action game gives players a chance to live the life of crime in an open Chicago world. Go on missions as a hit man, enforcer, getaway driver, taking out gangsters, diving into car chases, and many more action packed quests. Furthermore, the game features:


Take your favorite PVZ characters on a new card-collecting adventure in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes hack v1.2.11.

Explore a beautiful galaxy world and delve into the microcosm in _PRISM by Clint Siu. Solve geometric puzzles by touching various shapes and patterns to reach the ethereal soul!

Fight the dark foces of evil as the great Valkyrie Reginleiv and bring order and peace to the kingdom of Asgard. RPG Valkyria Soul (full free download below) is a monster-collector strategy in which you collect, train, and transform an army of beasts to help you in combat.

If you're into illusions and mind-boggling arcade puzzles then Labyrinth 2 is the perfect game for you. This is the sequel to Illusion Labs original Labyrinth game featuring more of everything:


Enter the most horrific abandoned amusement park and defeat the evil dwarf to save your brother. Dreamland full version apk by Nevosoft is a hidden objects, puzzle adventure featuring:

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Square Enix just released the remake of Romancing SaGa 2 (English apk hack) and it's looking epic. Everything has been revamped in this one including visuals, new classes, a gardening mini-game and a New Game Plus option.

BANDAI NAMCO EU just released its latest sci-fi arcade game and it looks epic. Galaga Wars hack with unlimited coins is a retro style space shooter with modern visuals, that has you blast waves of alien spaceships with your powerful laser cannons. The following is a short list of the game's features:

Help little plasticine balls reach their goals in Plastiland Full version Apk, a fun puzzle platformer featuring:

It's survival time in the unlimited resources hack for Survive - Wilderness survival by Juuso Hietalahti. The game puts you in a situation where you're stranded in some wild jungle and you need to stay alive for as long as you can. To survive you need to smartly manage resources, build a shelter, find food, water, collect firewood, etc. Can you do it?!

Yet another zombie survival game for you APKTRON fans called Pixel Survival Game (hack). The game needs no introduction as the title says it all. It's an old school retro style zombie slayer in which you try to survive as many nights as you can.

The unlimited Souls, Koins, Ally Credits hack for Mortal Kombat X is back with yet another update this holiday featuring challenges of the Darkness, gold koins, unlocks and much more content coming soon.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Investigate a mysterious manor and the disappearance of a detective in MCF: Key To Ravenhearst (Full). Scroll down to free download the game or read on to discover more about it!

Build and manage your very own footbal club and win championships in the unlimited money hack of Football Chairman Pro version 1.3.0 for android

Explore space and fight for minerals in MechCom 2 apk v1.12, a real time streategy by Game Dev Team. Build your base, gather resources and construct your own mechs to finish the enemy. The game features:

Kill Shot by Hothead Games is an action-filled FPS with over 800 missions, where you get to assassinate various enemy targets using a variety of sniper weapons. It's pretty similar to Kill Shot Bravo, the latest installment in the series!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Castles of Mad King Ludwig is an award-winning, tile-layer, castle-building, Board game strategy, where players are tasked with constructing castles for the King of Bavaria.

The only working hack for Dungeon Boss v0.5.5523 featuring damage to enemies is ready for grabs on Apktron. Enter the dungeons and engage in epic startegy battles as you defend your dungeon and slay various enemy bosses. Read more on the game from the following official Play Store features: