Thursday, June 30, 2016

Spellbinders MOD APK 1.5.0 (Unlimited Mana)

Kiloo's latest multiplayer action strategy is the perfect fit for MOBA fans this year. Spellbinders hack apk "combines elements from tower defense and multiplayer online battle arena games", delivering compact maps, multiple warring factions with unique abilities and indepth rosters.

In Spellbinders modded version, players select a Titan and control an army in battles, with the goal of destroying the enemy’s base on the far side of the screen. The battlefield is split into lanes, and players can spend (unlimited) mana to deploy their minions or cast spells onto the battlefield. If minions from either team reach the cannons in the center of the screen, they can capture them for their team... -

Spellbinders Mod Apk features:
- Mana is now unlimited (No Mana Deploy Cost)
- MOBA made for mobile: Short and intense strategy bursts in real-time
- Battle with an ever-expanding roster of mighty Titans
- Command an army of minions and game-changing sorcery
- Dive into deceptively deep gameplay that rewards practice and tactical skill
- Climb the ranks in the weekly leagues and take home the grand trophy
By Kiloo and Funday Factory

What's New in version 1.5.0
New Titan!
- Introducing the master of the raging deserts: Jinni!
New Chests!
- Try three brand new chests with epic loot!
Base Skins!
- Decorate your base with cool skins!

Spellbinders v1.5.0 MOD APK

Install and play online.
For more info and sceenshots visit the Google Play.

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