Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Prune APK 1.0.61 / 1.0.4

Plants seeds and grow them into beautiful trees by directing them to the light so they can blossom. Prune is a game of cultivation and meditation, because as you start seeing the landscapes change, you also start understanding what it all means..

Prune android apk features:
- A unique digital plant for your pocket- Beautiful, minimalist art and a super clean interface—it's just you and the trees
- Meditative music and sound design for you to zen out to
- No filler - 48 carefully chosen levels
- No IAP, no monetization strategy, no currencies
- Share screenshots of your unique tree creations with friends
- Sync progress across all your Android devices

What's New in version 1.0.4
- Added language selection menu in Settings
- Added Welsh and Vietnamese translations
- Fixed audio stuttering issues some devices were having
- Bug fixes, including treebranch glitchiness fixes

Prune 1.0.61

Install apk and play.
Prune 1.0.4 can be requested if you don't like this latest update.

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