Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Phantom of the Kill MOD APK (English, Damage)

Gumi Games is back with yet another RPG called Phantom of the Kill (English apk) and we have a hack for it (no unlimited money, Mana, or Lazuli yet!). The game was originally a very popular Japanese release made by Fuji but has since found its way to the western world.

The story here takes place somewhere after an apocalyptic event destroyed Tokyo. Humans are now almost extinct, and earth is taken over by demons. You play as humanity's last hope, a new kind of warrior infused with beast blood that now stand between us and evil. Build your team and head to battle for survival! Take advantage of your character abilities, attack and defense tactical strategy skills to beat the most epic bosses!

Using our Phantom of the Kill modded apk will give you more power as you fight your demon enemies. There are things to buy ingame with real money, but you can enjoy the game without grinding and by only using our damage mod. Unlimited Mana points, and Lazuli (premium currency) maybe available sometime soon but don't count on it!

With over fifty unit classes and six weapon types, the possibilities truly are endless. Add dragoons, swordmasters, mages, gunners, and other units to your team, form the perfect party with insanely cool weapons, then lead them to victory!

This latest version opened the Colosseum, and the Battle Medal Shop
Game requires 4.0 and up.
Watch the gameplay video for a visual review:

UPDATE NOW: Phantom of the Kill v1.3.3

Outdated version:
Phantom of the Kill v1.0.0.1 MOD APK

This apk offers players increased damage!

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