Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ninja Worm APK 1.0.0

Control a cute worm character, solve a bunch of puzzles and get the apples in Ninja Worm, Akita Games' first casual adventure.

Life is an adventure that always has a lot of puzzle should be solven. Nevertheless, there is definetly one way to get over. It is now due solving puzzles in this adventure your turn! Explore The Apple-Land, to pursue apples with your appetite passion of adventure.

It is in your hands to reach Ninja Worm's target with your help solving the puzzles in this adventure.
It will be an experience you will not want to end up with a realistic design.

Smartly designed with unique handmade maps fascinating to the delight of gamers.

Ninja Worm APK 1.0.0

For more details visit the Play Store.

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