Monday, May 30, 2016

New Star Soccer G-Story APK 1.0


Experience the life of a football player and make choices that will affect your story in New Star Soccer G-Story. The game is an interactive choose your own adventure story-book that will take you from your early days of football to becoming a champion.. if you can!

New Star Soccer G-Story features:
- Go from kicking a ball in the park to playing for your favourite team in the cup final!
- The story twists and turns develops depending on how well you perform in the addictive gameplay from BAFTA-winning “New Star Soccer
- Choose an agent, which skills to train and even which sponsorship deals to take!
- Each decision you make affects the story. With multiple storylines and multiple endings, which of the thrilling finales will you get?
- The gameplay makes the story better and the story makes the gameplay better. This is the ultimate football immersion experience: the perfect fusion of story and game!

New Star Soccer G-Story v1.0 APK

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