Thursday, May 5, 2016

Into the Void APK 1.8.1

Command your space troops and engage in epic strategy battle with Into the Void for Android featuring:
- Great RPG/TBS mix with unique depth.
- Randomly generated universe - each mission is unique every time you play it.
- Long and interesting storyline.
- Battle against 4 different factions.
- Epic space turn-based battles.
- Laser, Kinetic, Plasma and Explosive weapons: each with unique pros and cons.
- 16 main missions
- 20 sub-missions
- Lots of battle ships with modifications
- Over 100 technologies in 4 different branches - choose them wisely.
- Tons of different items, from engines and shields to drones and infiltration squads.
- ABSOLUTELY no in-apps.
- Great visuals

What's New in version 1.8.1
- Facebook link in the main menu to help you be notified about upcoming updates
- Balance improvements
- Stability updates / Bugfixes
- Performance improvement
- Planets are now much more balanced (enemy fleets are now much weaker and attack more rarely)
- Balanced weapon firepower (all weapons do a little more damage, laser do a little less damage to shields, accuracy slightly increased (especially for huge weapons))
- Items mass rebalanced (armor now weights lesser)
- Enemy's armor rating is reduced
- Faster autofight in Steam version

Into the Void 1.8.1 APK + DATA

Install Apk, Copy ‘com.mozglabs.spacefantasy’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb, Launch the Game.
If you have the money buy it on Google Play.

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