Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gods of Rome MOD APK 1.2.1b

Gameloft develops some of the most amazing fighting games for mobile devices, and this time around they bring us another fine release called Gods of Rome (hack-ed apk). The game is inspired by Greek and Roman mythology where players get to take their favorite gods and mythical creatures into epic battle.

You are an ascendant and must fight using deities souls to bring back order to the world. You get to take some really powerful characters such as Zeus, Hades, and many more into battle. "These heroes fight against an ancient evil force that threatens to enslave their souls". If you've played Injustice Gods Among Us Mod you probably are familar with how it goes. Players in Gods of Rome (Modded version) tap to slash, attack, and defend against their opponents using various skills.

What's New in version 1.2.1b
- Fight in the epic Chinese Temple and experience the soul of Far East mythology.
- Conquer new maps and events with additional storylines.
- Embark upon a legendary quest to save Heaven itself!
- Discover new fighters, bringing the complete roster to over 30.
- The new Chat feature lets you communicate with anyone playing the game.
- Talk to everyone in the Global Chat or keep the conversation between your friends.

Gods of Rome MOD APK 1.2.1b (Instant Skill / always available)

Install APK, Download additional data files (460 MB) in-game and play online.

Modder note: Enemies got this ability (Instant Skill) as well, so don’t let your enemies start using their skills and you will end up seeing them jumping on your character quite long time (spam the skill on enemies and kill them).

NOTE: If you can not pass tutorial level install Normal Apk first. Once Tutorial is finished you can install Modded Apk overwriting your installed game.

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