Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Guide planes in and out of the airport in the unlimited money hack for Unmatched Air Traffic Control version 3.5.3 by Vector3D Studios. Every pilot depends on you to land and take off their planes so do your best to make their operations as smooth as possible!

Find out how far the white rabbit hole goes in Alice in Wonderland PuzzleGolf (premium apk) By Tapstar Interactive. Explore Wonderland and solve the mind blowing addictive minigolf puzzles to find out how deep you can go without getting lost. Putt and play in stunning locations like the Tea Garden mazes, Chess Fields, Dark Forest, and treacherous Palace.

If you've ever wanted to design and operate your own mall then grab the hack of Mega Mall Story now! Play using our modded version and carve your way to success!

Help the cute hitties eat the cookies and fight the baddies in this hack for Cookie Cats android game. Match your way to victory in this brand new exciting match-3 puzzle for the whole family.

A new card battling RPG is available on the Play Store featuring awesome monsters and epic combat. Download the hack for Heroes Rally with God Mode and 1 hit kill today, and defeat the devil king and his minions. Build and customize your heroes and take them to battle or test your skills in the arena.

Monday, May 30, 2016


Take part in the new hilarious cover-based shooter from DevolverDigital called "NOT A HERO". It's an action packed, destruction filled shooter for hardcore gamers. Dodge enemy bullets as your run and gun your way through a bunch of gangs completing your missions.


Experience the life of a football player and make choices that will affect your story in New Star Soccer G-Story. The game is an interactive choose your own adventure story-book that will take you from your early days of football to becoming a champion.. if you can!

Rovio Entertainment just released Angry Birds Action! (Modded Unlimited Coins, Gems, etc), their most anticipated game of 2016. This latest installment is a top-down smash-em-up physics puzzler, in which players try to cause mayhem by launching and sliding around to save the birds eggs and collect valuable items.

You can now train in the comfort of your own home using Gaiam's Yoga Studio app apk. Just like in a professional studio, all yoga poses and techniques are included and completely detailed. All the classes are made by a professional and tailored for everyone, no matter their level of training.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

After its IOS, PC and other console releases, 505 Games finally brought Brothers: a Tale of two Sons to the android platform. The game is a puzzle adventure in which you're controlling two characters (the sons) and go through many quests to try to save your father.

Fight the baddies in this Filipino casual action platformer. Duterte Fighting Crime Mod is loosely inspired by the life of current president of the Philippine Rodrigo Duterte. Grab the apk for the game below and have fun!

Enter the kingdom of Dragonstone and embark on an epic knight adventure in Vincelot free apk. Players get to explore the lands and castle, meet the beautiful princess, play mini-games, discover hidden elements, and more. This game is meant for kids but can be enjoyed by adults as well!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Take the crazy Rabbids for brand new fantasy CCG adventure brought to you by Ubisoft. Rabbids Heroes (hack apk) is a collectable/trading card game based on the crazy world of Raddid Rabbits, in which you duel in card-based fights as you try to head back to the Moon.

The unlimited coins money, gems, Skill no cooldown, Free In-App Purchase hack for Hero Legend is now available for download onto your android phones and tablets

Experience the vast world of greek myths and legends in a new humorous way, where players control the mighty god Zeus as he tries to fix the world with help of a time machine.
Update your game to the latest version released on May 25, 2016 and take advantage of all the security and bug fixes!

This RPG is a unique mix of strategic combat and army building. Create your Battleforce and lead it to victory using your strategy and witts. This is such a great game from Cory Trese and you should definitely purchase it!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The original and most successful FPS franchise in the world just received an update in Modern Combat 4 version 1.2.2e (latest update - May 20, 2016). Enter the battlefield once again for a war to save the world from an imminent nuclear apocalypse! Fight and shoot to kill and destroy every terrorist threat out there!

Select you track, choose your vehicle, and drive in this 16 bit retro arcade racer game made by the guys at Living Room Studio. Xenorace is a fun racing experience featuring:

After a long wait, Playstation finally released the UNCHARTED (hack-ed unlimited money) game into android. Although not quite content rich or even similar to the console version, it delivers unique puzzle solving adventure gameplay.

Change colors and run as fast as you can in Noodlecake's colorful endless auto-runner Chameleon Run (Unlocked). The game is really unique and differs from anything you've played so far genre-related. It has a gorgeous blocky, voxel art style, amazing blends of colors as a chameleon, an engaging angled side-scrolling view, and stuff to unlock.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We finally have a working hack for Burst Horde featuring max attack and more (no god mode). The game for those who don't already know is the most popular ARPG/MOBA of 2016. It perfectly combined both genres to make for one epic real-time card-battler.

Run and fight powerful bosses in the unlimited money, and gems hack for Stylish Sprint 2. If you've played the original Sprint game, then you're in for a surprise as this one brings even more levels, new unique characters, goal-oriented missions, and revamped stunning graphics.

It's a new kind of sports, it's a new kind of challenging gameplay, it's 9 Elements Action fight ball hack. Choose your fighter and start the volleybal brawling to protect the Elements stone and save the universe!

It's time to face your fears in this brand new brain-teasing point & click adventure. Maniac Manors is a thrilling horror puzzler that task players with investigating and uncovering the truth behind the past of a haunted manor. Explore the place, interact with objects and solve puzzles, but most of all, Don't Get Scared!!

Gumi Games is back with yet another RPG called Phantom of the Kill (English apk) and we have a hack for it (no unlimited money, Mana, or Lazuli yet!). The game was originally a very popular Japanese release made by Fuji but has since found its way to the western world.

Command your heroes in epic mmorpg gameplay to slay the devil minions and save the land in Heroes of the Rift hacked version 2.0 for android. It's all about the slaying, hacking and slashing action in this one, so prepare your swords and join your friends in battle to win!


The guys at Magic Cube are back with yet another epic RPG to play in your spare time. Amidakuji Knight is about a brave knight whose duty is to save a princess from a hellish creature and ultimately save the kingdom!

Recognize any song instantly with Shazam Encore version 8.4.1 (latest update), the pro full version of the free Shazam app. Music recognition has just got easier, just fire up the app and let it hear the song to find out everything about it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Race for the right to live in the unlimited money hack for Cyberline Racing. Fully upgrade your cars with the most advanced weapons, and compete against the worst criminals who want nothing but to blow you to bits. This is the ultimate death race experience for hardcore racers only!

The original unlimited Diamonds, gold, life, crystal pack, keys, hearts, no gems, 1 hit kill and infinite energy hack for Dragon Land by socialpoint!

The original unlimited mana, No skill cooldown, speed multiplier, *vip unlock, god mode hack for Galdor: Demon Slayer game featuring:

Customize your guns and characters and head to battle in the unlimited money, gold, unlocked hack for Block Strike version 2.6.0

Take your jetski out for some new adventures in Aqua Moto Racing 2 apk. This is the sequel to the number one water racing game from Zordix with more locations, motos, and revamped graphics!

Monday, May 23, 2016

This is our first hack of Clash Royale chest simulator unlocked with unlimited coin and crown (from Cgame)! Enjoy the best online card-battler game of the year with this new awesome mod!

Adventure to Tibet in search of your lost niece in Artifex Mundi's Tibetan Quest Full version apk. The game is a hidden object point n' click thriller that sees you travelling to the most mysterious places in tibet solving dangerous puzzles to save your beloved Larisa.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Follow the journey of a group of zombie-apocalypse survivors, and fight to save the world in the unlimited ammo hack of DEAD TARGET 2. Join other players in dangerous online FPS action as you gather supplies and weapons, find other survivors, defend your base, and use your shooting and strategy skills to save us all!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Acquaint yourself with the auto repair management business in Car Mechanic Manager hack for android.
This simulation is the latest game from the guys at PlayWay, featuring almost all aspects of the service including car repair and cleanup for customers, buying and selling of used vehicles, and many other tasks.

The point n' click genre just got a new twist in this brand new adventure from OhNoo Studio. Tormentum full apk thrusts players into a gory nightmarish world where, dreams meet reality, that they need to escape. Meet demons and other creatures, find hidden objects, and solve puzzles to survive!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Use your detective skills to solve the mysterious muder of wealthy banker Reginald Greer in Dead: Brassfield Manor Full version apk. Go through the various objects and suspects, solve different puzzles, and try to find the killer in this exciting point and click adventure from BigFish Games.

The hacked version of Best Fiends is now available featuring unlimited stuff like energy and money. Download and enjoy fiendish puzzles all the way!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

You can now play DRAGON QUEST VIII 1.1.3 English version right on your Android. This port dubbed Journey of the Cursed King is one of the classic and most popular JRPG games ever, and it's brought to you by Square Enix America.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The fully working unlimited coins hack for Jam League Basketball version 1.3 apk is finally available for all our android users! Compete and show off your dunking skills in this addictive basketball game made by the guys at Battery Acid.

Embark on a beautiful serene journey through weird worlds and solve challenging puzzles to progress through the game. Have fun and relax!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DotEmu just released the enhanced mobile version of arcade classic Pang Adventures. This was originally a 1989 arcade game about two brothers (Buster Bros) on a balloon-popping journey to save the world.
This new edition adds more weapons, power ups and bosses, but without affecting the core gameplay experience.


This game is about purification! Use Abeytu's magic skills to bring life back to the cursed forest. Gameplay is pretty easy but addictive, it's all about tapping and clicking and some tower defense, give it a shot!

Monday, May 16, 2016

The latest hack for BioBeasts v1.4.0 apk is now available for download for all android devices. Control a mutant creature as you fight your way through never-ending enemy types using many attacks.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pedal to the metal in our first hack for Rival Gears, ShortRound Games' latest racer. This is not your typical racing game, it's more of lane-based runner but with real time opponents to race against. The game's mechanics are also unique as you can sell the cars you upgrade to other players which helps you avoid paying real cash for everything!

Build the city of your dreams in the unlimited money and gold hack for Village City for Android by Pearl Games. Start with a small square of land and build a live town along with everything. Manage the city's resources including transportation, jobs for your citizens, and other facilities (like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, libraries, etc). Make your city island the most rich and happy place in the world!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Prepare for a fantasy adventure that will take you back ages ago to the long lost era of magic, sorcerers, brave warriors, and warring kingdoms! It's upon you to save the kingdom from falling, are you up for a challenge?!

Fly the most advanced planes and become the best pilot there is with Flight 787 - Advanced flight simulator. Here are some of the app's most prominent features: