Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Zippyshare Web Forgery Warning - April 2016

Hey guys, Since this morning I've been getting reports about Zippyshare 'links not working' so I checked them on all my browsers and using online scanners. As you know most of my download links are Zippyshare ones, and that's why I'm posting this to assure you that I'm aware of it and you shouldn't worry!
NOTE: I just tested 1 link, and if you refresh the same page couple of times you may NOT get the warning anymore because it's a related to some ADS that are circulating through all Zippyshare servers. Other links may work fine! Here are the results:

UPDATE 20/4/2016: PROBLEM IS NOW FIXED, No More phishing ads, you can download normally again!

Mozilla Firefox warning:

Google Chrome warning:

Virus Total scan results:
Sample Zippyshare link analysis page at: Virustotal.com/en/
Click image to Enlarge

So as you see, some of the site's servers have definitely been infected with some kind of phishing script. The culprit is the ADS, Someone is running those scripts through an ad campaign. The way to find out exactly who is a bit complicated. I've contacted Zippyshare (u should do it too to press them into fixing it sooner) and they will hopefully block the ad campaign in question!

You can always click "Ignore the warning" to "continue" to download, I do it all the times, but you must have a good antivirus just in case. Otherwise, let me know if you need some other download mirror for the game you want.


  1. yeah i've been getting this too! thanks for clearing this up!

    1. :-) hope they resolve it soon, just sent them another message

  2. I just got 2 attempts of phising off Zippy link and 1 was dead.


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