Monday, April 25, 2016

Turbo Pug APK 2.0

Run, fly and destroy obstacles in this awesome platforming adventure starring a super pug called Turbo Pug. Put on colorful and powerful costumes then start your one dog random journey. Pugs are cute animals but this game is cuter.

Google Play description:
Turbo Pug v2.0 apk is a casual runner with difficult, random, procedurally generated levels. Enjoy random weather and try to avoid getting zapped by lightning. Unlock new costumes for your pug and new characters to play as. Please try not to squish your pug!
This is release version 2.0, future updates may bring more costumes, new content to unlock and other improvements to the overall gameplay experience.

Turbo Pug APK 2.0

For more screenshots and original paid apk purchase options visit Google Play.

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