Thursday, April 7, 2016

The HinterLands Mining Game HD APK 0.428

Explore huge sandbox worlds, mine items to build structures, and enjoy robust multiplayer friending or fighting other players in The HinterLands Mining Game HD (paid version). The game is a new take on indie adventure games, so if you're into building and crafting then it's for you. It has procedurally generated environments, Farm mobs, endless blocks to craft, and much more!

The HinterLands Mining Game HD features: com.ackmi.the_hinterlands_paid
- Multiplayer, featuring player vs player combat, and cooperative exploration and building
- Parkour style movement- run up walls, do flips, climb over ledges, run and slide under things, wall kick/jump between walls
- Fight with fast combos, slow strong attacks, and block incoming enemy attacks.
- Take no damage, and unlimited blocks in creative mode
- Mine procedurally generated, unique worlds, with randomly generated terrain, and dynamic day/ night cycles
- Craft tons of blocks and items, and use them to build!
- Farm mobs, or destroy them for food to, and stop hunger
- Harvest trees and plants for food, potions, or seeds to replant and grow your own forests

What's New in version 0.428
- Added the ability to load custom texture mods
- Fixed bug causing crash when connecting to server list
- Added lighting (thx orangepixels)
- Fixed world items duping
- Changed movement- hold down jump to go higher, joystick allows walking
- BG gfx changed
- bluetooth in
- Fixed worlds not generating ores
- Lowered functions from 62k to 59k
- Changed server list
- Made neutral team/white 2nd option

The HinterLands Mining Game HD APK 0.428

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