Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spirit Master MOD APK 1.0

The human race faces extinction after the rise of animal spirits who're planning on taking over our world. But as the Spirit Master you are, you must fight those creatures with all your might to save all of us!

Developed by ZQGame, Spirit Master v1.0 hack apk is a truly epic action RPG that sends players on epic adventures through the "highest mountain peaks to the shallowest depths of fire". Are you up for a challenge?!

You have spirit allies that will help you in battle. You can fight using 4 spirits to defeat even the strongest of enemies. You've got tree spirits, beasts, and others to choose from, so you are not alone in this fight!

Players can also upgrade, evolve, and strengthen their heroes and allies by raising their star levels, to be able to have the maximum abilities to crush the evil monsters.

Spirit Master (unlimited money apk soon) also has some farming simulation elements envolved. You can "grow and harvest crops for coinage to fund your journey". There is no such thing as unlimited money, you must work to get coins to pay for the costs of your war. You also must stop thieves willing to take what's yours!

Join spirit guilds and compete in competitive PvP arena for rewards and power!

Spirit Master APK (Mod soon)

For screenshots visit and original version 1.0 visit Google Play

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