Saturday, April 30, 2016

Save Dan MOD APK Unlimited Money, Gold, Energy

The Android game based on internet celebrity Dan Bilzerian is finally here! Save Dan hack v1.0 pits players against hordes of sexy female zombies trying to eat your brains. It's up to you brave one to save the guy and stop the zombie apocalypse.

Features in Save Dan Modded Apk include unlimited gold, money, with infinite energy. The game has in-app purchases that you pay for with real cash but with this mod you get to play the game completely free. Buy the guns and upgrades you want, then obliterate the undead without spending a dime. Download below!

The game gives players access to Dan's gun vault for unlimited shooting in the desert using a multitude of weapons and endless rounds of ammo. But wait.. that's not the whole story.. things soon get very wrong.. After some secret government experience gets out of hand, the girls that accompany Dan turn into zombies who would like nothing more than eat you alive. Use guns to shoot them down and don't worry about energy because in this mod you have plenty so you don't get tired or dead easily. Also, the unlimited money & gold will help you get the most powerful weapons to blow those living dead chicks to bits!

Save Dan Apk Normal game features from Google Play:
- The game works in offline mode
- Featuring ten regular and six special weapons, depending on your style and preference
- Take down green, yellow and red zombies, red being the hardest to kill
- Activate signal beacons to boost energy
- Shoot crates to collect bonuses which include Smushball who cures Dan’s wounds, Zeus who impales zombies on its horns and Bullet time that slows down time
- Improve Dan’s attributes without improving his character
- As you play, new maps and features unfold

- new maps
- new & more destructive weapons
- leaderboard and periodic promotions awarding best players
- new features and gimmicks

Save Dan 1.0 MOD APK (Infinite Cash, Gold, and Energy)

DISCLAIMER: Save Dan is processor intensive, and it may work with poor performance (or not at all) on low end devices.

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