Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pocket Guild APK 1.13

Enter the funniest single-player MMORPGs called "Pocket Guild" developed by Martin Taba. It has everything you'd expect from an MMO but without any worldwide live players except for you. If you're into the genre, this game is the perfect time waster!

You can create your own powerful guild, recruit other players to join you, enter and raid various dungeons, then fight epic bosses to get all the loot you want. Your guild players are all AI units but for those of you into offline single-player games, this is perfect!

Features in Pocket Guild for Android: com.mygdx.guildmaster.android
- Choose your character
- Create / manage your guild members
- Obtain legendary characters
- Over 260 unique hand crafted characters!
- Plan/run through unique dungeons
- Entertaining, hand crafted bosses
- Loot, ninjas, guild drama.. and more!

What's New in version 1.13
Bug fix v1.13:
- Legendary freeze bug hopefully works for everyone this time .
- Expanded the tutorial section of the game
- Reputation level scaling changed
Bug fixes:
- Legendary screen should not freeze anymore
- Glitched fonts / images have been fixed
- Tournament's "last team empty" bug has been fixed
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when starting the raid
- Small tweaks. Example: Ryu's event re-balanced.
- Many typos have been corrected
- Prepared some of the environment for the mastery feature patch

Pocket Guild 1.13 APK

Restart the game if you encounter any issues.

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