Monday, April 11, 2016

Metro 2033: Wars APK 1.1.0

Forced to live underground after a nuke hit Russia, players must shoot mutated creatures to survive in Metro 2033 Wars RPG. The game is set in the same post-nuclear-apocalyptic future as depicted in Dmitry Glukhovsky's popular Metro 2033 novel series.

Fans of Bethesda's most popular Fallout Shelter (Mod) will really enjoy playing this one. Metro 2033 Wars  offers Android gamers an isometric view with intense turn-based strategy gameplay. Players start off controlling a small base in a large year-2033 open-world map. You must compete against other rival groups and survive the dangers around you. Use your tactics to control other stations via war or keep the peace, recruit other members, and build utilities for food and weapons.

Metro 2033 Wars Apk features:
- Classic Turn-based, highly strategic battles, with a wide variety of tactics and special attacks
- Open World game play, with detailed, story-driven goals to guide you
- 189 metro stations that you can trade, battle or inhabit, if you wish
- 25 types of mercenaries with individual combat abilities to construct battle-ready Squads with
- 24 different Factions to either battle or establish diplomatic relations with
- 20 different building options to manage your resources and keep your clan alive

What's New in version 1.1.0
- Improved game balancing
- Removed Reward Video (based on player feedback)
- Fixed many bugs and crashes
- Improved English text

Metro 2033 Wars 1.1.0 APK + DATA Obb

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