Monday, March 19, 2018

League of War Mercenaries MOD APK 8.4.65

Build your base and deploy your mercenary army units onto the battlefield in the hacked League of War Mercenaries game. This is a strategy so expect a lot of military managing and soldier harvesting as you go through the game stages.

Players in Gree's League of War Mercenaries build up their base and construct buildings necessary to farm resources over time and upgrade and unlock their army’s units. Units come in three types: tanks, recon (think APCs), and infantry, and are all divided up into color-coded specialties..

What's New in mod version 8.4.65
- troop deployment requires no money
Check out the latest updates we’ve made to the game. Battle on Mercenaries!
- NEW Alliance Power Leaderboard
- NEW Tough and Expert Campaign Modes
- Bug Fixes and Optimizations

League of War Mercenaries 8.4.65 MOD APK

New Modded: Attack point

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