Friday, April 1, 2016


It seems like we're on an RPG binge today so we also brought you HEROES WANTED (modded version 1.3.3) from NHN Studio629. Play as a bounty hunter and travel the world hunting and battling wanted monsters in an action-packed adventure for serious gamers only!

HEROES WANTED Quest RPG Mod features: com.studio629.HeroesWanted
- High Defense and High HP
- Overwhelming amount of quests:
Fire, Water, Forest, Light, and Dark!
10,000 Wanted Monsters of 5 Elements!
Defeat various Wanted Monsters and claim your bounties!

- Unlimited Strategies:
Hundreds of spectacular skills for many different monsters!
6 Rune slots! Farm Runes with various effects for extra fun!
Make numerous strategies with simple controls!

- Various Content
Village, Dungeons, Raids, Daily Dungeons, Collection, Leveling and PvP! Unlimited amount of content awaits you!

- Balanced Leveling System]
Transform a 1-star Monster into a 6-star Monster through upgrades, level ups and evolutions! All Monsters are precious! From now on, no monsters will go to waste.
Hurry up and this perfected RPG fun! Go, go, go!

Available Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Russian."

What's New in version (May 24, 2017 update)
1. A New Server
A new server has been added to Heroes Wanted.
2. Guild Conquest Battle
You can now fight other guilds in a Guild Conquest battle.
3. 3rd Activation
The 3rd Activation materials are included as rewards for guilds that win the Conquest battle.
4. New World Boss Raid
A new World Boss Raid, Apostle, has been added.
5. Shop
The Shop design has been renewed.
6. Others
Reina's motion issues have been fixed.
Some Guild Home UI has been improved.


You get x20 higher Attack, hp & defense in PVE only.

If AppGuard appear just click quit.

annon1 said:
Hi might want to let you know that some users are facing this error (h: 16385) for your Heroes Wanted signed mod apk fix. I have found a solution whereby at the start of the game, do remember NOT TO sign in via google play. if you did, reinstall/clear data of the mod apk. When the game starts up and you see google play starts to load, spam the back button on ur android device. it might take a few tries but after u manage to get past that screen, you will never have to do it again....

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