Sunday, May 1, 2016

Halo Combat Evolved Halo 4 APK + DATA [1.0 Alpha]

The only working Halo: Combat Evolved Android apk (+ Halo 4) just hit the modding scene in its Alpha version which is available for free download below. Don't expect the full pc or xbox experience though, because this Halo 4 is an unofficial release ported thanks to efforts of hardcore fans of the game. If you encounter bugs or the game doesn't work on your device please wait for an update!

The Halo fps franchise, for those unfamiliar, is a first person sci-fi shooter set in the future starring a cyborg commando known as Master Chief. In this port you engage in fierce singleplayer shooting campaign with deathmatch mode. There is a multiplayer mode but you may get lots of "connect to server" errors.

This Alpha release combines Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 4 to make you the most action-packed android port ever created. You can grab the v 1.0 Alpha apk with data files from the link available by the end of this page and have some pure shooting action fun.

The story starts as "you're awakened out of a cryo sleep and learn that The Covenant (alien race) are trying to obtain a mysterious artifact -perhaps a weapon- on an artificial ring-shaped world known as Halo, and it's up to you to prevent that from happening." -

Halo 4 apk Requires Android 3.1+, and 500MB/1GB RAM (ALL GPU)

Halo Combat Evolved APK Full + SD DATA

Install the apk file, Extract Data to Android/Data/ and play.
This game is not available on Google Play Store.
If you have strong internet connection please mirror Data on Google Drive and give me the link to post here.

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