Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dungenious APK 1.0.672

Take multiple choice quiz games, mash it up with roguelike turn-based dungeon crawler, then you get Dungenious. The game is a unique take on quizzing apps that should pique the interest of all dungeon rpg gamers with its upgradeable character and loot.

In Dungenious, here is how it goes: You get questions that you should answer to progress through the game levels. As you move through dungeons, you'll need the knowledge you previoulsy accumulated to take out dungeon monsters. But make sure you get your answers right to attack, or otherwise die. An added bonus in this game is that players can even create custom quizzes to help them along their academic life.

Dungenious features: id=com.Noizoo
- Enjoy the combination of flashcard learning and a turn-based dungeon crawler
- Upgrade your hero with powerful skills as you learn.
- Explore each monster’s unique abilities
- Learn with 50 built in topics
- Create your own quizzes
- Replay your weakest questions to optimize learning success
- Play and learn at the same time!

What's New in version 1.0.672
Launch build

Dungenious v1.0.672 APK

Install apk file and play the game.

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