Sunday, April 24, 2016

Doomsday Clicker MOD APK 1.2

Build bunkers, end the world, harvest a crop of mutants, and profit in the unlimited coins money hack of Doomsday Clicker v1.2. It's clicking galore in this one with one hilarious plot depicting you as an evil genius who's destroyed the world for profit.

You play as a guy who brought about armageddon to make money. You start off by building an underground workshop, then start generating cash to expand your bunker and accomodate more survivors for even more cash. It's the never ending cycle of the game which should keep you entertained for a while.

When you get bored with this one, don't forget to check out Case Clicker Mod, one of the more serious clicking games with unlimited chests and more.

Doomsday Clicker Mod Apk features:
- Infinite Gold
- Collect bonuses when “unwanted visitors” come knock-knocking at your bunker’s door
- Discover endless quirky surprises!
- Feel immense satisfaction as numbers tick ever higher
- Visit THE SUPERCHARGER, a wheel of chance that gives a limited-time productivity boost
- Destroy the world over and over again to increase profits. Destroy the world, and build it up again, making more and more every time!
- Meet tons of crazy characters… and watch them mutate
- Stay tuned! More locations, enemies and survivors characters are coming soon!

What's New in version 1.2
- Discover new Doomsday scenarios: Zombie Apocalypse and Mutant Monkey Apocalypse!
- Unlock a new area: the "Hot Spring Hotel" resort
- Share your Doomsday with your friends and show the world your chaos!
- Performance enhancements and bug fixes

Doomsday Clicker MOD APK 1.2 (Unlimited Gold)

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