Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Darklord Tales MOD APK

Grab your weapons and face off against hordes of demons in Darklord Tales hack v1.0.0.29. Enter the evil-filled dungeons and hunt all treasures that the devils want to take for themselves. Engage in action-packed battles and try to stay alive in this awesome RPG!

Features in Darklord Tales Modded apk are: 
- Max damage and more
- Control all in-game moving, rolling, attacking, throwing and skills with just one finger
- A new type of action RPG which uses an RPG game board
- Acquire treasures by adventure mode and steal each other's treasure in plundering mode
- Stages with various themes
- Cute, adorable pets which help you in battle
- Complete your own skill tree to create unique characters

What's New in version
- Bug fixes
- Adjusting the balance
- Display Ranking data reset time

Darklord Tales MOD APK

Hacks include Masssive Damage & Defense, with Cit 100%​.

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