Monday, April 18, 2016

Bounty Stars MOD APK 1.0.148

Become a bounty hunter and journey through the far corners of the galaxy apprehending the most dangerous outlaws. Get unlimited money as you bring back criminals to face justice, and unlock awesome gear and abilities as you win space battles.

Bounty Stars (mod) features: com.dena.west.bounty_stars
- Unlimited credits & damage (don't abuse)
- RPG challenges range from roving fleets of space pirates to black market vendors and more.
- Create an Elite Team from over 160 different characters to add to your fleet crew. Each character has their unique skills to use strategically in battles. You can even recruit criminals.
- Encounter crafty factions that can aid or hinder your quest. Understand their dynamics, assemble a diverse crew, and visit vendors to stock up on consumable items that can tip the tide of battle.
- Pair crew members with an upgradable fighter ship to take down foes! Plot trajectories of ships and watch decisions play out in real-time.
- Rank up & compete with other players from across the galaxy in daily and monthly prize pools featuring rare and powerful items.

What's New in version 1.0.148
We've added Wormhole Bounties where you can obtain items to Promote your Crew Members. The Wormhole locations change each day so give them a try!

Bounty Stars APK 1.0.148 OR MOD Money (see below)

Hacks: ROOT needed for mod
1. Infinite Crédits. ( no abuse).
2. High Damage. (Cree members when training)
3. High Hp. ( Cree members when training)

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