Saturday, April 2, 2016

Antiflux APK v33-release


Solve incredibly designed platforming puzzles in Antiflux by UAA Software, an indie futuristic platformer involving robots, lasers, and the whole nine yards.

Antiflux Android game features: (free apk below)
- Puzzle-platformer with oldschool game design.
- Interesting mechanics and puzzles.
- Over 60 well designed levels.
- Metroidvania-style permanent upgrades.
- NO micro-transactions. NO in-app purchases. NO ads. Ever.
- Runs on Vertex Engine 7 - Custom built OpenGL ES2 engine. (NOT made in Unity)
- Gameplay optimised for both touch and controller support. Works with NVIDIA SHIELD products.
- Atmospheric original soundtrack.

What's New in version 33
- Replaced chickens with robots
- Restored death count
- Restored spiked fences
- Minor bug fixes

Antiflux v33-release APK

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