Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Android game based on internet celebrity Dan Bilzerian is finally here! Save Dan hack v1.0 pits players against hordes of sexy female zombies trying to eat your brains. It's up to you brave one to save the guy and stop the zombie apocalypse.

Alawar's Puppet Show: Lost Town (full premium apk) is yet another thrilling point and click adventure, tasking players with finding a little girld that's been kidnapped by a mechanical creature. You will need to track that beast through the dark caves filled with secrets and mysteries in order to save little Suzy.

Your life is at stake as you try to protect professor Kevin Reynolds so you must survive in the Haunted Hotel: Eternity full version apk. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles and try to stay alive all while trying to find out who wants to kill you and the wealthy doctor.

Use Sonic's jumping skills to get to the finish point all while avoiding obstacles and collecting all the coins you can get. Leap and spin as sonic or his friends including all characters from the Sonic universe.

R.B.I. Baseball 16 allows Android gamers to take their favorite baseball teams to world championships. If you like the show, or ever played RBI 15, then you'll love this game. Future updates may bring Play by Play and a Legends Team for next year. Free download below and pitch your way to victory!

Take your favorite classic Disney characters on a brand new 8-bit blocky adventure in Disney Crossy Road Hack (Unlocked, ads free). Following the same Frogger-like gameplay as the original, this one brings more than 100 characters and nine themed worlds from Pixar and Disney universes. If you've played the original game, then you must try this one!

Gather resources and survive the dangerous space in Out There: Omega Edition v2.4.2. The game puts you in the passenger seat of a drifting spaceship, and you will have to find oxygen and other supplies to stay alive. This is a resource management strategy, so play smart!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Explore a huge deep blue sea, eat, fight, and evolve your little sparkle into a powerful organism in Sparkle ZERO v1.01.

Help Agent Gumball on his dangerous missions to gather intel, liquidate targets, and rescue hostages. The game is a non-stop fast-paced action adventure where you choose to play using different agent characters including the lethal Gumball.

Travel back to the time of genesis of matter and help the first creatures called Egz on their journey through this brave new world.

Stampede Games' Evo Explores is a physics puzzler, much like Monument Valley, featuring many unique environments, puzzles, and beautiful art.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

One of the most popular miniclip action shooters is now available for Android devices in Assault Commando 2 hack apk v1.1 with energy. Play as national hero Jack Gunfire and go one danger-filled shooting missions destroying all enemies and saving the world.

Noodlecake Studios are back with another awesome "pixel-art turn-based roguelike dungeon crawler" called Tiny Rogue, in which players try to advance as far as possible in the dungeons moving, attacking, and looting in turns, but try not to get killed.

Robbery Bob is back again for more sneaking and looting in Robbery Bob 2. Play as king of thieves and get past secure locations, and avoid traps to get your hands on as much booty as possible.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Destroy a variety of targets including dragons and castles to rescue the princess in Catapult King v1.5.2 hack apk unlock unlimited magic. Adventure through various stages of utter catapulting fun and defeat all enemies.

Grab your machine guns and shoot your targets in GoodTeam's unlocked Final Defence hack apk with unlimited coin and no ads. Try to stop the enemy forces from successfully landing ashore or you lose the battle!

Take part in fierce online tank battles and destroy the enemy in the hacked Armored Aces unlimited money apk. Select your favorite armored tank (WW2 legacy tanks or modern ones) and join the multiplayer combat for ultimate destruction and bragging rights.

You can now free download the stable official release of Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.14.3 b760140301. This latest update features many new additions like a complete Redstone Puzzle map which brings the game even more closer to its PC counterpart. It works on Android OS 2.3 and up.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BigFish is back with yet another thrilling point and click adventure in Reality Show: Fatal Full version APK. Use your detective skills to find out who killed an actor on a hit tv show. Uncover hidden objects, gather clues, and investigate this mystery to bring the murderer to justice!

The human race faces extinction after the rise of animal spirits who're planning on taking over our world. But as the Spirit Master you are, you must fight those creatures with all your might to save all of us!

Deliver killer shots to destroy your rival in frenzied football shooting gameplay with head soccer (hack apk v6.0.14). Compete in tournaments against othe players and prove to the world that you've got the head of a champion. The controls are pretty easy so you can have some pure soccer fun without the headaches!

Have you ever dreamed of piloting your own fighter helicopter?! well now you can in glorious virtual reality!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Play as the great Greek hero Hercules and subdue the Cretan Bull in 12 Labours of Hercules II. The game is described as a "Strategy Time Management Simulation" involving puzzle solving and some building elements.

The original Harvest Moon game just hit Google Play in Natsume's HARVEST MOON Seeds Of Memories apk v1.0. For those unfamiliar with the game, it's a rural life farming simulation in which you can grow crops of all types, raise domestic animals, find a beautiful soulmate, and unlock various items to grow your estate. It's truly one of the classic sim games that everyone should definitely play.

Run, fly and destroy obstacles in this awesome platforming adventure starring a super pug called Turbo Pug. Put on colorful and powerful costumes then start your one dog random journey. Pugs are cute animals but this game is cuter.

Take your cog through beautifully designed puzzle environments and survive. Timeless Journey is a side-scrolling physics-based tripping adventure similar in style to Badland. You get to navigate deadly traps and challenge your reflexes in a truly relaxing gameplay experience.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Build bunkers, end the world, harvest a crop of mutants, and profit in the unlimited coins money hack of Doomsday Clicker v1.2. It's clicking galore in this one with one hilarious plot depicting you as an evil genius who's destroyed the world for profit.

Take your sniper rifle and travel the world on assassination missions in Boss Sniper 18+ hack apk v1.0 with unlimited money. Play as a special agent with the government and eliminate high-profile targets such as mafia bosses and terrorists.

Transport yourself to a distant future and fight hordes of zombies and enemies in CSZ Global Alliance hack apk v1.0.7 with unlimited money. Join the Global Offensive guild of the most powerful super heroes and fight the various zombie villain bosses to win!

Pilot war planes and destroy all enemies right up the sky in the action-packed Missiles Attack hacked shooting game. Use the powerful missiles in your fighter jet to shoot down any enemy plane in sight. But try to avoid hostile strikes at all costs or you'll be defeated and lose the game.

Stickman is trying to break out of jail and he needs your help. In Stickman Escape Story 3D hack v1.2 you will need to look for hints, break walls, unlock doors, use stealth and fight prison guards to finally escape.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Drive the fastest cars in the world, dodge traffic, and escape the police in the unlimited money Road Smash Crazy Racing hack apk v1.8.50. Choose and customize cars from the best manufacturers, then challenge other players in high-speed races, and show off your skills to the world.

Use easy controls to create suits and fight strategic battles in SD GUNDAM STRIKERS hack apk v1.5.5 (English version) from BANDAI NAMCO. Master special skills and control suits and characters from all of Gundam's history.

Prepare for epic third-person space shooting action in Star Warfare 2 1.23 hack and battle the alien scum. This game can be played both online or offline so that everyone can have a chance to resist the alien invasion wherever they are.

Monster & Commander by Oh BiBi socialtainment is an action RPG where you get to ride giant beasts into battle and fight other players online.

Friday, April 22, 2016

In Aurora: Quarantine, players will navigate a small ball (robot) through a series of puzzles, obstacles and death traps. The game mechanics coupled with "marble-based physics puzzles" and a detective story make this one a truly unique experience.


Take your favorite TMNT characters through various dimensions and fight evil in TMNT Portal Power by Nickelodeon (free download below!).

Play as an orb of light and lead a swarm of little water creatures to safety in this beautifully abstract underwater adventure. Hero of Many v1.043 is a physics-based water puzzler about exploration, friendship, and sacrifice. Those tadpole-like beings are your friends, and you need to gather them all and keep them safe.

Get the clearest quality possible out of your Android camera with Perfectly Clear v4.3.6, one of the most popular cam apps on the Play Store. Utilizing top-of-the-line image correction technology, this app will bypass your phone's limitations to make your photos look professional with only one tap on your part.

Enter the dark world of Edgar Allan Poe's The Premature Burial in Alawar's Dark Tales Buried Alive Full premium apk. Find the hidden objects, follow the clues, rescue a young woman, and solve the crime before it happens.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

You can now download the unlocked BBTAN hack for android with unlimited money (coins). Play one of the most entertaining arkanoid game on Google Play. Shoot the balls and break the bricks for the highest scores!

Play your cards right and assemble your deck in this hilarious Russian-roulette-type of game. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, this one proved to be one of the most critically-acclaimed cards games of the year.

Engage in explosive 16-bit action in Operation Dracula, a new shooter based on the classic '90s arcades. This game is a "top down shmup with a story focused on vampires trying to take over the world". It's filled with violence, bombs and super-powered fights.

Join forces with the feared space marines and build your freeblade army to put an end to the chaos brought about by the invaders. Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade hack is a new action-packed shooter game from Pixeltoys featuring a glorious Warhammer 40k universe never seen before. Lead your 30-foot war machines to battle the enemy and do some damage to save the Imperium.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Another World v1.1.7 just made its way to Android devices. If you've played it on other consoles before then you know what it's about, if not, let me tell you:

King Games develops the best Match-3 puzzles out there, and Pet Rescue Saga hack is one of their ultimate block blasting games. Join and blast as many square blocks as you can, using the least moves, to save the cute Pets.

Enter a world filled with spirits and fantastical dreams for an epic fight to restore peace to the world. Spirit Guardian hack apk will give players the chance to defeat the evil Lord of Discord using the most maxed out skills and abilities.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Elite Games just released their latest android game Epic Strike and we have a hack for it. The game is a Pinball RPG with you pulling and slinging your heroes around for skills in battle. Build your team of the most powerful warriors and join players online in epic strategic combat.

Hey guys, Since this morning I've been getting reports about Zippyshare 'links not working' so I checked them on all my browsers and using online scanners. As you know most of my download links are Zippyshare ones, and that's why I'm posting this to assure you that I'm aware of it and you shouldn't worry!
NOTE: I just tested 1 link, and if you refresh the same page couple of times you may NOT get the warning anymore because it's a related to some ADS that are circulating through all Zippyshare servers. Other links may work fine! Here are the results:

UPDATE 20/4/2016: PROBLEM IS NOW FIXED, No More phishing ads, you can download normally again!

This is the full version unlocked apk for The Silent Age Episode Two. In this final episode, you will continue your puzzle solving journey that you started on Chapter 1 of the game. This is the finale, how would everything end?!

This is a brand new RPG from new-comer developer ORIZUN, and it's about a hero who's trying to fight for his life and destiny in a strange world.