Sunday, March 13, 2016

Star Chart VR APK 1.3

Star Chart VR for Google Cardboard is a real-time 3D simulation app with a 360-degree look of our solar system.

Gaze upon the stars and explore the sky in virtual reality right on your Android. View and discover the different planets, all constellations, and moons in gorgeous details. This app is perfect for astronomy enthusiasts and professionals alike.

As it's a virtual reality app, Star Chart VR needs Google Cardboard viewer to function. There is a non-vr version which you can get on the Play Store for free. For more information visit Google Play.

What's New in version 1.3
- Added the dwarf planet Ceres as well as some more textured moons of Pluto.
- Improved the visual look of many other moons and planets.
- Enabled Gamepad controller support.
- Improved the UI, as well as adding more information.
- Enhanced the travelling between planets and systems resulting in less waiting around.
- Added various improvements, speed-ups and bug fixes as per usual.

Star Chart VR 1.3 APK

Install the v1.3 apk and use the app for free.

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