Sunday, March 13, 2016

MUTANT: Metal Blood MOD APK 1.05

Hack n' Slash your way through hordes of mutants in MUTANT: Metal Blood, an online action RPG from 2weGames.

After the M virus hit the earth, it infected 99% of the population. Only a very few survived, who now fight the mutated creatures for the survival of the human race.

After installing the modded apk for Metal Blood, players will engage in bloody battles to destroy hordes of mutants. Use your defensive, and offensive skills in fast paced combat to defeat the enemy. Evolve your characters' skills for more power, and collect items as you attack and finish the creatures.

What's New in version 1.05 (updated March 9, 2016)
First Android release

MUTANT: Metal Blood MOD APK ver 1.05 (One hit, enemy low attack)

Additional data files will be automatically downloaded in game.
If you need Unsigned mod version here it is: Unsigned APK
Note: Protect NPC in map 1.4, if she dies you can't complete stage.
Note that the game requires an internet connection, and at least 1GB RAM.

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