Saturday, March 5, 2016

Modern Counter Terrorist MOD APK 1.0

Modern Counter Terrorist by Chom is a fast paced 3D rpg shooter with gorgeous graphics.

Play as an anti-terrorist agent and go on dangerous missions to terminate enemy combatants. Engage terrorist forces using all kinds of modern weapons, and kill them all. Travel to various locations across the globe hunting the most wanted high-profile terrorist targets. Download the game now and have fun!

Get the free game on Google Play or scroll down to get the modded version with unlimited money.

Modern Counter Terrorist v1.0 MOD APK

Featured hacks:
1. Enemy damage will increase your health instead youre dead :D
2. Free Shopping
* Stars requirement for buying weapon removed
* Anything you buy will increase your money, even when first time buying your money was not enough :p

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