Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lost Guardian Hyper APK

Lost Guardian Hyper is an action rpg packed with unlimited skills, puzzles, adventure quests, and enemy monsters to kill.

Choose between two heroes and start your adventure. Lost Guardian Hyper apk features unique characters, each with their own unique abilities and weapons. Players get to explore endless maps, solve different puzzles, and fight powerful monsters.

Combine different skills and powers for maximum damage. Perform combo attacks and alchemy to destory your enemies as you go venture through the dangerous quests. The more you play Lost Guardian Hyper, the more powerful you get, and the more exciting gameplay becomes!

What's New in version
- detail skill explain
- bug fixes
- open ignite episode(bug fixes)
- add item usage explain
- add Limited Package
- change costume depending on equipment.
- give golden keys when you buy soulstones.
- let down the difficulty of boss stage's touch event.
- let down the difficulty of early game greatly.

Lost Guardian Hyper APK

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