Wednesday, March 2, 2016

LAMP: Day&Night APK 1.41

LAMP Day & Night by PLAYGRND is a brand new unique Android puzzle game with a touching story.

The game depicts the story of Day and Night as twin sisters with a difficult relationship. After a long time of disagreement which brought the world into chaos, they finally split their powers so they each get half a day. However, one day the world plunged into darkness as all the light disappeared.

Players take control of a lamp and set out to search for the Light, solving a bunch of puzzles along the way. In LAMP Day&Night, players must take good care of the bulb, the only source of light, as they tackle the different obstacles and puzzles. As you roll, jump and perform Light tricks, you must be careful not to break that bulb!

What's New in apk version 1.41
- 3to6 stage delete
- bug fix
- Stage 1 SavePoint Bug Fix
- Text UI
- Jump power-up
- Joystick improvement
- LAMP Chapter 1-1 tutorial stage update
- Level design balancing

More info on Google Play id: com.PlayGround.HoYeon
Watch the gameplay video:

LAMP: Day&Night 1.41 APK

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