Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hotel Story Resort Simulation MOD APK 1.9.2O

Just like Kairosoft, Happy Labs are known for their realistically fun sim games. And this time around they brought us Hotel Story Resort Simulation (unlimited money), a game for those of you with business management skills. This latest update features some important improvements to your gameplay experience.

The game tasks players with building and managing their own hotels. With over 80 facilities and decors, plus 20 guests to unlock, players will have their hands full. As it's a time management simulation, you'll have to be a really business-minded person to take your hotel to the next level. The modded apk of Hotel Story (unlimited coins diamonds) will help players upgrade and invest in more facilities, but you need to attract guests to your resort using conventional methods!
For more game features visit: com.happylabs.hotelstory

What's New in version 1.9.2O
- Fix bugs.
- Cello Shop Lv.10
- Harp Shop Lv.18
- Guitar Shop (2) Lv.24
- Violin Shop Lv.28
- Musical Deco (1) Lv.40
- Musical Deco (2) Lv.41
- Musical Deco (3) Lv.42
- Musical Deco (4) Lv.43

Hotel Story Resort Simulation 1.9.2O MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Install the apk and play!
Enjoy this latest version thanks to hokage242. As always, comment if you encounter any bugs or problems.
Another term for this release: "Hotel Story Resort Simulation hack"

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