Friday, June 3, 2016

Fishing Break MOD APK

We finally have a hack for Fishing Break, one of the most addictive fishing games on the Play Store.

Developed by Roofdog Games, the guys who made Pocket Mine 2, this arcade rare-fish catching game is both easy to play yet challenging. Just board your little boat, grab your gear, and try to catch as many fish types as possible.

The hacked apk of Fishing Break gives players unlimited coins to focus on fishing rather than collecting money. The game also features a bunch of unlockable content like maps, collectable fish, upgradable gear, as well as bait. But you can play without any of those things if you're a patient person!

What's new in ver
- brand new location: play the new Frozen Lake!
- New rods upgrades
- New boat
- New hat
- New hats!
- Behind-the-scenes improvements and bug fixes

Fishing Break MOD APK (money -Signed)


  1. It's a dud, the game doesn't install. It could also be that it did what it was supposed to do, that is, upload all my personal data from the tablet to some shady website.

    1. game hacked by Durex (respected modder)

      this is a unsigned apk, need root phone applie with luckypatcher to install over the original version

  2. cant log in to fb and google play.. cant load old account....

    1. see "docs" folder in the downloaded zip file.
      u need a Rooted device!
      it's all explained above, next time please read info before u download!


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