Friday, March 4, 2016

Chased By The Sun APK 3.0.0 - by Half Glass Games

Chased By The Sun (or CHASED for short) is an endless runner where you get to control a tiny green spaceship and try to escape the hot planet in your pursuit.

Developed by Jonathan Rubinger, the game features challenging gameplay and level designs. Players get to go through 25 fast-faced levels divided between five different solar systems. You hop from moon to moon trying to run away from the sun, all while avoiding harmful asteroids and collecting good ones as resource. The visuals in Chased By The Sun are colorful and immersive which adds to the unique gameplay and makes for an unforgettable space running experience!

After you install and run Chased By The Sun apk, remember that you need quick fingers, reflexes, and skill to successfully outrun the sun. And if you collect enough minerals, do it fast while avoiding dying a lot, you're rewarded with medals. This is the premium full version game and contains no ads, you should definitely follow the Google Play link below and buy it!

Chased By The Sun 3.0.0 APK

Data folder goes into Android/obb
We recommend you buy the game on Google Play if you've got the cash.

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