Friday, August 19, 2016

Transformers: Earth Wars Hack / Apk Mod - Android

Android users can now download the hack of Transformers Earth Wars to play using unlimited energy and unlocked cheats. The game is a free-to-play real-time combat strategy based on the Transformers franchise and includes original voices of Optimus Prime & Megatron.

This is a strategy resource management game, and if you've played Rival Kingdoms you have an idea of what it's about. Earth Wars is Space Ape's fantasy epic made with giant robots instead of villagers!

You can grab Transformers Earth Wars v1.31.0.13955 Apk from our site or head to the Play Store to install the free beta version. Either way, we'll do our best to bring a better mod in the near future!
Have we told you that you can fight with either the good Autobots or the bad Decepticons. The choice is yours!

Cheats expected to be included in this upcoming Transformers Earth Wars android hack can range from unlocked characters, unlocked items, increased damage, etc. You probably won't need real money to play. I have no idea at the time being to be honest!

As you play and after picking a side (Autobots vs Decepticons), you can then put together a "powerful team of playable characters," raid enemy bases for stockpiles of Energon, build a space-bridge to Cybertron for reinforcements, "all while playing in real-time against other players around the globe."

Here is the soft-launch gameplay preview:

Transformers Earth Wars Mod Apk (unlimited energy in battles)

Install the apk file, and have fun!

NOTE: 2/28/16 - The game is still in beta, most of those hacks found online are fakes and I don't do fake!!
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