Saturday, February 27, 2016

Survivalcraft APK + GOD MOD

This is the full version of Candy Rufus' Survivalcraft, a minecraft clone with focus on the survival aspect of the game. It's an open world blocky adventure with all the tools needed to help you survive the wilderness.

Survivalcraft thrusts you from the start into a dangerous world filled with hungry predators and unwelcoming weather conditions. You must create your shelter, mine for goods and try to not get killed by a wolf, bear, or some other creature. The God Mode which isn't available in the paid version is a bonus for players to stay alive for as long as possible.

Now scroll down to free download Survivalcraft v1.29.17 Full APK and play an action adventure like never before. Craft yourself some powerful weapons like axes, build yourself a home, hunt for and plant food, ride domesticated animals like horses and donkeys, all while keeping yourself out of harm's way.

What's New in version
Colored wires (for building complex devices)
new weapons
Electric devices for home and other uses
Full list of features can be found on the dev's homepage at:

Survivalcraft APK

I will be updating the game on this page, so make sure to bookmark it for future reference!

NEWS: Free download Survivalcraft 2 now and enjoy the latest installment in the series with unlimited worlds, improvements, and creatures!

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