Friday, February 12, 2016

Space Grunts APK 1.5.1

Orangepixel's Space Grunts is a roguelike turn-based action game focused on strategy and tactics. The game places you on a decaying space station where you keep lasering space creatures and blowing up stuff, all while using your strategy skills to survive.
Space Grunts has three character classes, three basic weapons, no XP to gain or coin to collect and spend. Weapons include a handgun, plasma/railgun, and grenades. You also have powerups and special attacks.. Despite all its action elements though, SG is a roguelike tactical game at its roots.

Features of Space Grunts for Android: (paid apk downloadable for free)
- Collect different items from all over the moon base and use them as you advance into the game
- Three customizable Grunt weapons plus more on the way
- There are various ways to complete the game, anomalies leading to weird places, underground routes,and much more.

What's New in version 1.5.1
- added option to install/move to SD card
- fix for missing switch in level 16
- small fix: secret cave entrance now has a bigger chance of appearing
- fix: Techjunky b-skin voice now correct female
- add: max-level to character screen (eg: level 2/4)
- add: datacard for “Sluggish”
- improved Google Play login flow
- added Google Play icons to achievements

More info on Google Play id: com.orangepixel.spacegrunts
Watch the official release trailer:

Space Grunts 1.5.1 APK

Older versions

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