Sunday, February 7, 2016

SimplePlanes APK - Build and fly planes on Android

Jundroo's latest app allows you to build, fly, crash, and share your very own airplanes! If you've played SimpleRockets or SimplePhysics, this is a bit different. SimplePlanes seems to be a crossover between Microsoft Flight simulator and Lego, as you try to build using given blocks in plain 3D environments then simulate your design flight!

You can free download SimplePlanes Apk (full version) on our site and test your engineering skills in building various kinds of planes. If you can think it, you can build it, install the game today and give it a shot! But don't think it's easy, you need skill and knowledge to make your aircraft fly!

SimplePlanes Android features:
- A building / flying game with very impressive sandbox options
- All the tools you need to make any plane you can imagine
- Easy to pick up and play with “How to Fly” manual (the tutorial isn’t thorough enough though in my opinion)  
- Test your airplane with no restrictions
- The game requires real skills, how you design your flight model is paramount (take into account weight distribution, thrust, lift, etc)
- Fly your created aircraft and see how it works.
Any android SimplePlanes mods (apks) will be available as soon as we get them. For more game features read this quote:

The number of customization options are mind-blowing, and as long as you make them work together, your plane will get off the ground. The game’s website has a gallery of downloadable user creations (and you can submit your own)... With enough know-how and imagination, you can create flying boats, jet cars, spacecraft, and metal dragons.

What's New in version
- New Parts
Gyroscope - Keep your designs upright and build quadcopters
Sphere - Super advanced ball technology
Hemisphere - Half a sphere, for when you can't afford a whole new sphere
- Wind Physics
- Control wind in real-time
- New Stock "Airplane" - Quadcopter
- Windsocks
- New Challenge - Cross Wind Landing
- Tweaked the instrument panel user interface to improve the compass and add a wind heading indicator
More info on Google Play: com.jundroo.SimplePlanes
For lack of screenshots, here is the official video trailer summarizing what the game is about:

SimplePlanes APK

Open .zip, and Install v1.7.0.2 APK.

The game requires at least 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz CPU on Android 4.0.3 or up. Just install the apk file and play.

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