Monday, February 15, 2016

Rescue: Strike Back MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Ammo, HP)

Rescue Strike Back (hack) is the latest sci-fi action game from Brayang Studio, delivering an immersive fast-paced shooting experience in highly detailed 3D environments for hardcore gamers.

The game takes players to a distant future where they fight aliens and enhanced soldiers to survive and save the human kind. After a government experiment aimed at enhancing soldiers using alien tech went south, humanity found itself facing a threat never seen before. Join the newly assembled team of expendables to fight this threat!

Features of Rescue Strike Back Mod Apk are:
- Infinite amount of ammo and HP plus money in this latest version
- More than 100 missions including assassinations, sniper missions, Boss fights and more- HD graphics for the best visuals possible
- Varied game modes: Protect, Infiltration, Destroy, Sniper, Kill All
- Unlock different weapons for different enemies: assault guns, grenades, rifles, machine guns, RPGs, and even drone hits, and melee attacks
- Ammo is unlimited so just keep shooting your targets without worrying about being out of ammunition
- Skills give players more HP which is important for attacks
- Join a team of commandos and take out enemy bases
- Fast-paced pvp multiplayer.

Version 0.9 fixed some bugs and improved the game further for better performance. Also added 200 missions, broader map, Boss Hunter & Sniper missions, Unlock Events missions, and much more.
More info on Google Play id: com.brayang.rescusestrikeback

Rescue Strike Back v0.9 MOD APK + DATA (Unlimited Ammunition & Cash) OR MOD Only

Game required login with google+ and is for rooted device only. (by SubSeven)

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