Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Operation Snowfall APK 1.0


Defy Media has a new game for Android users which is full of action and fresh powder called "Operation Snowfall". If you are a fan of snowboarding games like Ski Safari 1 and 2, then this one is right up your alley.

You play as a secret agent girl with mad snowboarding skills. You hit the slopes collecting diamonds and taking out henchmen, all while doing fancy tricks on a snowboard, or other secret vehicles.

Features in Operation Snowfall: (full apk free download now!)
- Unlock and upgrade spy vehicles!
- Race the lavalanche and make a daring helicopter escape!
- Complete over 60 missions!
- Chase down the Mastermind and knock out his henchmen!
- Collect diamonds!
- Earn high scores and compete against friends!
- Earn achievements!
- Receive top secret missions and intel from HQ!
- Explore diverse environments as you race to stop the Mastermind!

More Apk info on Store id: com.addictinggames.opsnowfall
Here is the official Google Play game trailer:

Operation Snowfall APK

What're you waiting for?! grab your snowboard and go on crazy impossible missions as a secret agent!

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