Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Last Horizon APK 1.1.2

Last Horizon is a retro-style space resource management game published by Noodlecake Studios, in which you fly from planet to planet mining resources, surviving, and trying to rebuild your civilization.

The story follows the last survivor of a fallen race, who must explore the unknown space, in hopes of finding a new home, and terraforming it into a habitable planet.

It's a spaceship thruster game, meaning you'll be using spinning and thrusting to move from place to place, collecting fuel, oxygen, and ore along the way. In Last Horizon apk, players must manage their fuel and oxygen wisely until they find a planet with the necessary biological resources to live in.

What's New in version 1.1.2
-NEW GAME MODE: ESCAPE! A challenging and exciting side-story in the Last Horizon universe... make your way through the most dangerous sector of the galaxy and find your way home! (Includes new leaderboard and achievement)
-Unlocked all game modes for all players on the title screen. We recommend playing flights A,B, & C before trying ESCAPE.
-Added title screen badges for completed flights.
More features on Google Play id: com.noodlecake.lasthorizon

Last Horizon 1.1.2 APK

Install the apk and play the game!

Older version:
Last Horizon 1.1.0 APK

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