Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Heroes Rise: HeroFall APK 1.2.1 (Unlocked)

It's time to take a stand against oppression and corrupt regimes in HeroFall, the last installment in the Heroes Rise interactive games trilogy for Android devices. This time you get to overthrow a corrupt president!

If you've played the first two entries you'll instantly understand this one, if not, there is a helpful guide to bring players up to speed as they start the text-based role playing adventure.

You can free download Heroes Rise HeroFall full version APK from our site and play it free of charge but we highly recommend you buy the paid game to support the developers.

Now, the story you'll be playing takes place in a society filled with superheroes who want to rise and be legendary. You'll be opposing new oppressive regulations put forward by the US government with president Victon as head of state. Will you prevail?!

HeroFall is an engaging interactive adventure for fans of the genre filled with suspense, and tough decision making. With many possible endings to unlock and true-to-life situations, this game will appeal to any interactive-text-rpg addicts out there.

What's New in version 1.2.1
- Save your game to carry your story forward into "The Hero Project: Redemption Season"!

Heroes Rise HeroFall v1.2.1 APK (unlock)

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