Friday, December 16, 2016

Guardian Hunter SuperBrawlRPG MOD APK

NHN Entertainment's Guardian Hunter Super Brawl is a team-based hack-n-slash Role Playing Game that features both campaign and multiplayer missions. You get to take your band of warriors through danger-filled dungeons, swap their skills, and kill powerful bosses.

If you feel overpowered you can use our Guardian Hunter Super Brawl RPG Unlimited MOD APK which will help you get through levels faster and defeat all your enemies. We achieve that by incorporating such hacks as infinite mana, skills, increased attack power and more.

Players have multiple game modes to enjoy like Endless Dungeon and Arena where your guardians and hunters compete through fierce pvp dungeon battles. You have the Boss Raids to play with your friends and collect guardian runes. And in Adventure Mode players try to reach and beat the boss by completing each level..

What's New:
* The “Underground Dungeons of Kelthos” is here!
- Infinite Dungeon has been replaced with new dungeons!
- There are a total of 30 floors in the underground dungeons. Clear each floor and get the rewards.
- Go deeper into the dungeon for higher rewards!
* Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug with the Boss Raid result memo.
- Other minor bug fixes

Google Play id: com.nhnent.SK10360
Requires Android2.3 and up
Watch this gameplay video:

Hacks: (by RG)
1. High Attack (x10)*
2. God Mode*
3. Skill No Cooldown*
4. Infinite Mana*
5. Speed Up (x2)

Guardian Hunter SuperBrawlRPG MOD APK

Install APK and play online.

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