Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FPse for android APK 0.11.187 + Bios

If you've ever wanted to play your Playstation games on the go right on your Android device, then FPse for android is the perfect app made for just that.

This is the best PSX emulator you'll ever find. It can play almost any game you throw at it in the highest resolution possible thanks to its advanced OpenGL feature. The sound quality is top notch, and game compatibility is highest on the market.

Remember though that FPse for android full APK requires that you have a ROOTED device with Mod Play Store or Lucky Patcher to activate the full version. But after you do that, you'll be able to take advantage of its full potential like saving gameplay state, gamepads support (PS3/PS4/XBOX,etc), advanced gun emulation, and much more. A Playstation bios may also be required after initial setup, that's why I included it with the apk.

FPse also has an exclusive cheat codes auto-search, and multiplayer functionality. It can even support the latest VR Glasses (in beta)..

Supported game copy file formats include .img, .iso, .bin, .cue, .nrg , .mdf , .pbp and .Z disk, etc. Plus compressed file types using .rar .zip, etc are smartly extracted autmatically.

What's New in version 0.11.187 (April 22, 2017)
FPse 0.11.188:
- Fixed reported bugs and crash on somes devices
- Fixed Savestate crash on Nexus 9 and Galaxy S8 with S835
FPse 0.11.187:
- Improved OpenGL High def mode and upgraded to OGLES2
great graphic & quality!
- Added FBO to OpenGL High def plugin , more accurate
- Added Disable texture Cache option for cars games to boost
- Added Mouse support (Usb or BT), for PS Mouse or Gun
- Added shader special button
- Added 5xBRz shader
- Fixed CRT shader
- Added OpenglHD Postprocessing shaders

FPse for android 0.11.187 APK
FPse Bios file (SCPH1001 - American version)

Only use the Bios if your emulator asks you to, and if it requires some other version, let me know! You need ROOT + LP/Modded Play Store to activate the full app.


  1. plz upload the new version

    1. done! download the new version!

    2. Why is this version (and many others on various websites) 5.18MB but the official file from Google Play is 4.65MB


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