Monday, June 27, 2016

FINAL FANTASY IX APK 1.4.9 + DATA for Android


SQUARE ENIX just released FINAL FANTASY IX (aka FF9) onto the Play Store, one of their most anticipated games of this year. Before you download though, make sure you have at least 4GB of free storage on your Android 4.1+ phone or tablet's sd card.

This mobile port of the ninth Final Fantasy entry has modern-day updates, like HD character models, touch controls, and a set of new cheats like a “no random encounters” mode plus a fast-forward button. You can even toggle all of your characters to do 9,999 damage per hit.

You can free download FINAL FANTASY IX APK for Android with full game data files, and modded version, from high-speed links on this page. Please allow for some time though before we could upload the game (it's a big one!) Edit: game uploaded.

As to FF9 story, it follows Zidane, a scoundrel who, along with his gang of thieves, kidnaps the local princess. Sometime after that, a fantasy war ensues and battles begin that include airships, chocobos, magic, quasi-religious evil forces, and the like.

What's new in version 1.4.9
- Reduced the occurance of problems that occur when there is not enough memory (lag and crashes)
- Reduced the occurance of crashes on the nVIDIA SHIELD Android tablet
- Other minor bugs fixed
- Max level Magic Stone booster bug fixed. (Equipment bonuses do not apply.)
- Virtual game pad now responds beyond the in-game screen.
- Zenfone 2 devices now supported.
- Other bugs fixed.
- Manual screen rotate button added. Tap the rotate icon on the title screen to rotate the screen.
- Bug where Vivi's "Reflectx2" ability causes Magic Stones to deplete and abilities to disappear now fixed.
More info on Play Store ID: com.square_enix.FFIXww.android_googleplay
Here is a gameplay videos of the whole 31 first minutes:


If the latest update doesn't work for you (black screen or sth), you can go back to older VERSIONS 1.0.4 / 1.1.9 / 1.3.4 / 1.4.9 or VERSION 1.0.2. Separate apks are included, choose the one you want, full paid or mod. Direct links have been added for best download speeds, and a Torrent file soon!

Install the v1.4.9 apk file, Extract and copy data folder to /Android/obb/ using 7zipper or some other tool, and play offline!

TIP: Use your desktop or laptop to download the game without problems!

Mods list: (Soon!)
1. Too many items - sort inventory and get 99 of every item in the game
2. DRM bypassed
* other cheats like max level and gil hacks are implemented in the in-game cheat menu.
Riu remove Go through objects and NPCs with this one impossible to play - you can talk to other characters!


  1. For future updates please add some torrent. thank you because here in Philippines have a very very very very bad internet speed. thank you.

    1. Data links are resumable, so they can be downloaded by Advanced Download Manager on Android.. u can download a bit then later resume download!

    2. Cant extract .. Help please
      Email me @

    3. 7zip or Winrar on PC
      7zipper or similar on Android

  2. currently playing v1.0.2.... can i just overwrite it with v1.0.4?

    1. i suggest u keep v1.0.2 if its working fine!
      if u must update, u'll probably need to save any progress using TB, and keep obb data somewhere safe (big download)

      i installed v1.04 from scratch so i can't tell you if you could overwrite! but if u went ahead and done it, let me know how it goes!

  3. Hi there,

    Whats the difference between the 2 APK (Normal and Mod)? Thanks :)

    1. 1. Normal = paid retail version
      2. MOD includes these cheats:
      - sort inventory and get 99 of every item in the game
      - Go through objects and NPCs for easier movement
      - License callbacks removed
      * other cheats like max level and gil hacks are implemented in the in-game cheat menu

  4. Im on 1.0.2 is it possible to download just the apk or i need to download the obb file too?

  5. Where i can find the savedata cause i want to upgrade to 1.05

  6. Replies
    1. did u try previous version 1.0.4 and 1.0.2?!
      (links included above)

  7. How can i upgrade to 1.05 from 1.04 and not lose my saved game (20hours)??

  8. Just finished all the steps and it only appears black screen. Any help please?

    1. try older FF9 version 1.02 or 1.04 (links included above)

  9. Replies
    1. try older version while we wait for a game update

  10. after extraction nothing is hapening

  11. already install it and wait for extract, but it stops after extraction and nothing more, how to fix that ?

  12. Add more games every day Ryan Wilson you use to are you stupid now

  13. Add more games every day Ryan Wilson you use to are you stupid now

  14. Hi Ryan,
    I follow the steps but when I open the app it shows download required files and i cant open now because it is not paid.
    Pls. Clarify where to extract for i can play the offline.

    Super interested to play again this game

    1. 1. unpack DATA and put the folder into internal sdcard: Android/obb/(here)
      2. install Apk or Mod money Apk
      3. play and have fun

  15. Good day sir..

    Just want to ask if you could provide me a torrent file for this? First, My laptop is in a fix and I'm just using my phone. And that primarily, internet in my country really suck.. After trying to download the files for over a day, at 94%, I got the"download unsuccessful" prompt.. �� Can you help me sir? Or maybe any suggedtions? BTW, good job for this game.. You can message me here sir,

  16. how to activate the 99 all item cheat ?
    i go in to item page and select sort Auto/manual and does not work, is there some step i must follow ?

  17. Hi. I installed the app and put extracted data in Android /obb. When I start to run the app it says “download files with WiFi ?“.. And don't go on. Can you help me please? I use Sony experia z1 compact with last android version.

  18. I try to arrange item to auto n manual still now working

  19. Hello how can i fox download files via wifi using note4

  20. Wow Ryan, you really have your work cut out for you. These people should really be doing the leg work before asking questions. If you all want to get this working, try googling it, that is probably how you got here in the first place

  21. If you are getting the download data message. Just move your data folder to your internal obb folder instead of the sdcard obb folder.

  22. Okay so I have read all the comments on how install and I downloaded both install and data unzipped the data file moved it to android/obb and then installed game and I get the connect to WiFi to download data I have android version 7.0 and do not have an external SD card so it is going right on my android internal storage what am I doing wrong or is it not compatible with 7.0 I have also tried the older versions and all of them say data file is no longer available

  23. Lol nvm I got it to work I guess my phone stopped the download early cause I redowloaded the data and it worked 😉 awesome job thank you good sir


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